Durham Lakes Golf Course & 3 Land Tracts

Durham Lakes 18 Hole Golf Course on 209+/- Acres & 3 Additional Land Tracts Totaling 68.6+/- Acres
  •   Jul 20 @ 6:00am EDT (Start)
  •   Jul 30 @ 11:00am EDT (End)
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Durham Lakes Golf Course
18 Hole Golf Course on 209+/- Acres
& 3 Individual Land Tracts Totaling 68.6+/- Acres 

Durham Lakes Parkway, Fairburn, GA   30213


BID DEADLINE:  Thursday, July 30th @ 11AM EST

PROPERTY DESCRIPTION:  In January of 2016, the Durham Lakes Golf Course was closed.  We are selling a former 18 hole golf course on 209.82+/- acres that includes a driving range, parking lot, maintenance building and building pad.  Prior to closure, the clubhouse & pro-shop operated out of a building that is owned by the Durham Lakes Homeowners Association.  Durham Lakes does not have an existing clubhouse & pro-shop.  A building pad area is included in the auction for a future clubhouse & pro-shop.  Please find a recent survey of the property by clicking the “Documents” tab.  In addition, 3 individual land tracts that adjoin the golf course will be will offered separately.

Lot 1: Durham Lakes Golf Course, Fairburn - 9 Fulton County Tax Parcels Totaling 209.82+/- Acres: 07-1700-0152-738-7, 07-1700-0152-248-7, 07-1700-0152-103-4, 07-2600-0153-113-1, 07-2700-0168-191-9, 07-2700-0168-013-5, 07-2700-0168-192-7, 07-170001-527-528 & 07-270001-68-3089. Property is under a deed restriction and must be maintained as a golf course.  

Lot 2: 40+/- Acres - 0 Roosevelt Highway, Fairburn - Fulton County Tax Parcel: 07-270001750144

Lot 3: 4.8+/- Acres - 0 Durham Lake Drive, Fairburn - Fulton County Tax Parcel: 09F090300500085

Lot 4: 23.8+/- Acres - 7240 Herndon Road, Fairburn - Fulton County Tax Parcel: 07-260001531081

INSPECTION:  Please contact Auctioneer for instructions.

AUCTIONEER NOTE:  All golf course related equipment to be sold at auction. The equipment auction will be posted following the sale of the golf course.

ONLINE BIDDING:  Online bidding registration will be available July 20th. 

TERMS: Please click “Documents” tab for General Auction Terms & Conditions.  All properties must close within 30 days of contract acceptance.  

BUYER’S PREMIUM: A 10% buyer’s premium will be added to the high bid. Example: For a high bid of $100,000, a 10% buyer’s premium of $10,000 will be added making the purchase price $110,000.

CLOSING ATTORNEY / ESCROW AGENT: Closings to occur at the offices of C. Robin Wyatt, P.C., 2194 North Road, Snellville, GA  30078.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Please contact Scott Schwartz at 404-550-3490 or scott@bullseyeauctions.com or Rick Sammons at 770-490-0798 or rick@bullseyeauctions.com

Bullseye Auction & Appraisal, LLC, 500 Pike Park Drive, Suite F, Lawrenceville, GA   30046 GAL# 2643 GAL# 3575 & GAREFL# 66940

SELLING IN CONJUNCTION WITH:  Hilda W. Allen Real Estate, Inc., 212 Old Quitman Annex Road, Adel, GA   31620, Phone: 888-324-5020 Fax: 229-896-1180. 

Durham Lakes Lot 2 Tax Aerial 40 Acres

Durham Lakes Lot 2 Tax Aerial 40 Acres

Durham Lakes Lot 3 Tax Aerial 4 Acres

Durham Lakes Lot 3 Tax Aerial 4 Acres


AUCTION LOCATION & TIME:  Auction location and time will be posted on individual website posting.  If online only, registration and bid deadlines will be posted on individual website posting.

INSPECTION:  Bidders are encouraged to make their own inspections prior to bidding.  Please contact Auctioneer for instructions on how to inspect property.

AUCTION REGISTRATION: Registration for live auctions will begin one hour before the scheduled auction.  For online auctions, please view individual auction posting on website for registration instructions.

BROKER PARTICIPATION: Unless noted otherwise in property listing or herein, a broker commission of twenty (20%) of Auctioneer commission will be paid on real estate. For most transactions, this will equate to a commission of two (2%) of the bid amount of that transaction. A commission will be paid to the properly licensed broker whose prospect purchases and closes on the real estate. To qualify for a commission, the Broker must register by mail, email, fax or hand delivery using the Broker Registration Form posted to the website for the property listing within 48 hours of the scheduled auction. Broker must also attend the auction and sign the Auction Real Estate Sales Contract if their client is the winning bidder.  Commissions to be paid only upon closing. A Broker cannot act as a principal and a broker on the same transaction.

AGENCY:  Bullseye Auction & Appraisal, LLC is acting exclusively as agent for the Seller.

TERMS: Unless otherwise noted on the website, the winning bidder will submit a non-refundable ten percent (10%) earnest money deposit of the purchase price (high bid amount plus buyer’s premium) made payable to Bullseye Auction & Appraisal, LLC Escrow Account or Designated Escrow Agent.  Immediately following the auction, winning bidder will sign an “as-is” Auction Real Estate Sales Contract. A copy of the Auction Real Estate Sales Contract may be reviewed prior to the auction. Please contact Auctioneer for a copy.

CLOSING: Unless otherwise noted, balance of the purchase price is due within 30 days of Auction Real Estate Sales Contract acceptance.

CLOSING ATTORNEY:  Closing to occur at the offices of the Seller Designated Attorney.  Buyer is responsible for all closing fees charged by Seller Designated Attorney.

BUYER’S PREMIUM: A buyer’s premium MAY OR MAY NOT be added to the high bid.  Not all auctions have a Buyer's Premium added to the high bid amount.  Check actual property description for details on whether or not there is a Buyer's Premium charged for this auction.  If a Buyer's Prmium is charged, the total premium is 10% of the high bid amount. Example: For a high bid of $100,000, a 10% buyer’s premium of $10,000 will be added making the purchase price $110,000.   

AUCTIONEER’S AUTHORITY: Bid increments are at the discretion of the Auctioneer. Auctioneer shall make the final decision as to the final high bid amount and winning bidder.

FINANCING: Financing is NOT a contingency to the Auction Real Estate Sales Contract. Bidders are encouraged to make have all necessary financing in place prior to registering for the auction.

INSURABLE TITLE: Unless otherwise noted and announced at the auction, Auction Real Estate Sales Contract is contingent upon Sellers ability to convey insurable title.

SPECIAL NOTE: Property is selling “as-is, where is” with all faults and is selling subject to easements, leases, restrictions, zoning, covenants, conditions and all other matters revealed by a survey or by inspection of the property or contained in public records. Real property to be conveyed by limited or special warranty deed. Only the following sale closing costs will be paid by seller: (1) Commissions or brokerage fees to auctioneer and/or cooperating Brokers as set forth in separate agreement with auctioneer, and as established in these Terms and Conditions; (2) reasonable title corrective expenses, in Seller’s sole determination; and (3) prorated property taxes and back taxes due, if any. All other closing costs, including but not limited to surveys, title examination, tax stamps, loan closing costs, and closing attorney fees are at the expense of the Buyer. Unless noted otherwise, Buyers pay all closing fees charged by closing attorney.

Although every precaution has been taken to ensure the accuracy of all printed and announced information, neither the seller, Bullseye Auction and Appraisal, LLC, nor their agents will be responsible for any errors or omissions herein. Bidders are encouraged to carefully inspect the property and information before registering for the auction and placing a bid. Auctioneer reserves the right to add or delete any property prior to the scheduled auction date. Announcements made on the day of the auction take precedence over all advertising.

PRE-AUCTION OFFERS:  All offers must be submitted to Auctioneer no later than 48 hours prior to each scheduled auction.

SALE MANAGER:  Please view individual website posting for Auction Sale Manager’s contact information.

GAL# 3575 / GAL# 2643 / GAFL# 66940