Remaining Assets of Birds Fly South Ale Project

Bank Seized Brewery Equipment - All Remaining Assets from Birds Fly South Ale Project in Greenville, SC
  •   Jan 20 @ 6:00am EST (Start)
  •   Jan 30 @ 10:00am EST (End)
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Bank Seized Brewery Equipment
Bank Seized Brewery Equipment

All Remaining Assets from Birds Fly South Ale Project


BID DEADLINE (Starts To Close): Tuesday, January 30th @ 10 AM

Birds Fly South Ale Project
1320 Hampton Avenue
Greenville, SC 29601

ASSET DESCRIPTION: All remaining assets from large brewery in Greenville, SC. Complete brew house, Craft canning line, brite tanks, fermentation tanks, open fermenters, mash pot, lagering tank, large cask wood tanks, brew kettles, bottle filler, keg washer, chillers, portable pumps, boiler, 10 x 25 walk-in cooler, large quantity of wooden barrels and many more related items.

1320 Hampton Avenue, Greenville, SC 29601

ONLINE BIDDING REGISTRATION: Online bidding to begin on January 20th.

INSPECTION: January 29th from 10 AM – 1 PM

You are STRONGLY advised to inspect the items, in person, during the inspection period in order to validate the descriptions and/or photographs in the catalog. Should you have any questions, please contact Scott Schwartz at 404-550-3490 or or Rick Sammons at 770-490-0798 or

TERMS: All items must be paid in full with a cashier’s check, cash, check with bank letter of guarantee or wire transfer. Major credit cards are accepted but will include a 4% convenience fee at checkout. Immediately following the auction, Auctioneer will email each winning bidder an invoice. Payment will be accepted at auction site from 9 AM until 3 PM the day of the auction. Payment must be received no later than 3 PM on January 31st.

REMOVAL: Wednesday, December 31st from 9 AM – 5 PM and Thursday, February 1st from 9 AM – 3 PM.

Once full payment has been received, removal can begin. Successful bidders are responsible for the removal of all purchased items. Please do not assume there will be boxes, hand trucks or assistance with packing or loading. Failure to adhere to the posted times for removal, will incur additional expense.

ADDITIONAL TIME – If there are concerns with meeting the deadline for removal, please discuss with auction PRIOR to bidding.

LOCAL RESOURCES: The following are companies we contracted with during the set up of this auction. We were impressed with their service so we are sharing their info here. We are not affiliated with any of these companies and will not be responsible for any issues that may arise by contracting with them. This is merely intended to be a convenience for our bidders. You may contract independently with any person or company you feel best serves your needs.

     Rigging and Moving of Heavy Equipment
     G.G.T. Rigging
     864-844-2192 (Bill Fick) 

     RJ Shirley
     864-292-3463 (Melissa)

     Distillery Now Consulting
     916-223-1459 (Kris Bohm)

     Draft Beer Service & Installation
     Carolina Restaurant Contractors
     864-380-4479 (Paul)

     Complete Equipment Solutions (Sales, Design and Install Services)
     ABE Equipment
     402-441-4784 (Brad Perkinson)

LEGAL CONTRACT – Your participation in our auction is your acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms and conditions presented here. Your failure to adhere to any of these terms and conditions may constitute a breach of contract and may cause irreparable harm to Bullseye Auction & Appraisal and/or our client. In this event, we and/or our client(s) may attempt to recover any financial or other damages by pursuing any action afforded by law.

SALES TAX: Applicable sales tax will be added to all assets UNLESS proper tax-exempt forms are brought with you to the auction, NO EXCEPTIONS.

BUYER’S PREMIUM: There is a 10% Buyer’s Premium for this auction. Example: For a high bid of $1,000, a 10% buyer’s premium of $100 will be added making the purchase price $1,100.

BUYER’S NOTE: All items are being sold “AS IS, WHERE IS” with no warranties expressed or implied. Buyers should carefully verify all items and make their own decision as to the accuracy thereof before relying on the same. Items may be added or deleted without notice. All items subject to prior sale. Online bid increments are at Auctioneer’s discretion. All sales are final.

Scott Schwartz at 404-550-3490, GAL# 2643, SC#3393
Rick Sammons at 770-490-0798, GAL# 3575, SC#4911

South Carolina Auction Firm #4244

Terms & Conditions for Personal Property Auctions

  • Removal of ALL items must occur during the posted removal period.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • There may be a buyer's premium added to all winning bids.  Check specific auction listing for details.
  • Appropriate sales tax will be charged for all purchases unless proper sales tax exemption documentation is provided.
  • The lots will be sold at a rate of either 1 or 2 lots per minute.  Please check individual auction or speak to auctioneer for specific details.
  • The bid extension feature is in place.  This feature will extend the bidding an additional 3 minutes for any item that has received a bid within 2 minutes of the ending bid time shown for that item. This feature has been added to eliminate sniping and to make the online bidding process more like a 'live' auction.
  • If bidding on a particular lot is extended, the closing of subsequent lots will continue.
  • High bids cannot be cancelled.  Please make certain that you are bidding on the correct item and at the bid amount you want prior to placing a bid.
  • Once the auction concludes, you may be contacted by phone.  Please be expecting the call and be prepared to discuss your plans.
  • Should you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call Rick at 770-490-0798 or Scott at 404-550-3490.
  • Assistance and/or tools are not provided for removal of your items.  Please be prepared with proper tools and labor for removal of your items.
  • By placing a bid, you acknowledge and agree to the above terms and conditions and those printed in the auction listing.

Have fun, bid first and bid fast.  But remember ALWAYS bid last!


Thank you again for participating in our auction!  We greatly appreciate your business!